4 Tips To Find The Right Candidate

Employees switch jobs every four to five years and younger workers change jobs in about three years. This kind of job hopping would make you think it was easier for recruitment companies to pick up top talent but hiring a candidate and hiring an outstanding candidate are two different things altogether. The difference can make or break the company’s bottom line.

The days of posting an ad on a recruiting website and hoping on attracting a suitable candidate are long gone. In today’s world companies need to be creative in their recruiting efforts and look for as many tips as they can.

Over 80% of hiring managers say hiring talented candidates is their top priority, and organizations need to cast a wider net when fishing for potential candidates. What is it that motivates them and attracts them? What is it that makes their organization stand out when candidates are looking for their next job? Where are candidates looking for their new jobs to begin with?

By being more creative and broadening their thoughts about their recruiting methods and ideologies they will gain the potential to attract the type of candidates that they’re looking for.


Here are some Tips for finding the right candidate for your company –

  1. Developing the Right Talent Strategy

You should start off my looking at your current talent strategy. If you don’t have one yet its probably time for you to set up your organizations plan for acquiring talent.

You need to start by identifying what you expect from each role and position in your organization, top to bottom. Write down a job description for each role and create inputs and outputs. This doesn’t just help in getting a better idea about your positions that are open but it also enables you to recruit and hire candidates that fit your company and the roles that they’re interviewing for.

When people are hired for roles that play around their strengths they thrive in their positions. If you don’t take the time to understand the position itself you will not be able to figure out the type of candidates that your company requires. Just hiring for the sake of hiring will get you nowhere and only lead to issues down the line.

  1. Identifying the right candidate for the job

Once you’ve figured out your talent strategy, the next step is identifying the right person for the job. Some of the questions that you’ll be asking yourself are as follows:

Who would be the best for the position that you’re hiring for?

What skills and experiences are you looking for?

What values and qualities must the candidate possess?

How do you expect the person to handle challenging situations?

How do you think they should be communicating, or leading a team?

Try and get some feedback from the existing employees on what they expect from their coworker. These are just some of the questions that need answers before you start looking for candidates to hire. Write all the questions that come to mind and decide on what kind of candidate you’re ultimately looking for.

Ask pointed questions during the interviews. Let the candidates speak about how they handled a success or failure in their life and how they work under stress. Give them scenarios that they can respond to. Get to know your candidates during the interview and make sure they fit the role that you’re hiring for.

  1. Creating an Online Presence

Make sure that you have a strong, updated online presence. When candidates learn about an open

position at your company, the first thing they do is visit your website.

Making sure that your website loads quickly and is mobile-friendly is very important. You will want pictures of your team and a description of who you are and what you do?

Don’t forget about links to your social media pages. You want to be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media outlet that applies to your business and industry.

If you think social media doesn’t apply to your organization, think again. It’s no longer the future. It’s a requirement. By engaging with your social media audience and showing your company in a positive light, you’ll become attractive to potential candidates. You need to make sure that you demonstrate your company’s origin, culture and involvement through your social media and website. it will attract the kind of candidates that you’re looking for.

  1. Create a great Candidate Experience

You need to create an experience starting from the moment the potential candidate reviews the job till the part where you follow up with them. For example, introducing the candidates to the team they might be working with, showing them around the office, letting them see how you operate and function etc.

Not every candidate will get an offer from your company of course, so when you do reject a candidate make sure you do it with a personalized letter or an email. Tell them why they weren’t hired, try and give suggestions for future roles that you might have at your company or other companies. You might have an opportunity to hire them at a later date. By creating innovative strategies and using them you will be able to find the right candidates thereby impressing your existing employees and increasing the retention rate of existing and future employees alike.