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Pandemic cant stop the economies for ever

Talent acquisition is a very challenging job that is centered on finding the right talent quickly and efficiently. But, the COVID - 19 pandemic has forced us to press the pause button

Why should you opt for resume writing services?

Searching for your aspiring work yet not sure enough to draft an independent resume? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Opting for resume writing services has gotten an absolute necessity in the present pursuit of employment measures.

4 tips to find the right candidate

Employees switch jobs every four to five years. This kind of job hopping would make you think it was easier for recruitment companies to pick up top talent

Interviewer bias and its types

What exactly is interviewer bias, and why are we discussing this today? Simply put, interviewer bias is when the interviewer makes an assumption about an interviewee that clouds their judgement and reduces the objectivity of the interview.

The purpose of the effective resume​

The term resume comes from the French and means a "summary." That’s exactly what your resume is: A summary of your qualifications, skills, and achievements. I

The making of a good resume

When we talk about making a good resume, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is the format. That is the font of the Name as the header, the body copy, and the styles. Is this important, yes - it is.

The Importance Of Work-Life Balance

Job-life balance is a term that defines the prototype of the separation of time and resources between work and other essential facets of life.

What Your Resume Should Include

One of the most critical documents in a job hunt is your resume. The purpose of your resume is to help employers quickly learn who you are and whether your skills and experiences fit the job you are applying for.

Evolution Of Labor Relations

The term labor relations, also known as industrial relations, refers to the mechanism in which employees directly or indirectly, collaborate to lay down the fundamental rules for the governance of labor relations.

How To Enhance Your Resume

Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of job requests bombard recruiters.The applicant who figures out how to make a resume that gets noticed wins a prize: the attention of the recruiter.


Fail to do this and even basic questions like 'why would you like to work here?Will Become hard to respond.It is also important at the end to ask smart and appropriate question