How To Enhance Your Resume


Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of job requests bombard recruiters.The applicant who figures out how to make a resume that gets noticed wins a prize: the attention of the recruiter.It has never been easy to write a strong resume.But it’s extremely daunting in today’s web, mobile and tech-driven job environment.Therefore, if you want to get hired, it is important to learn how to customize your resume for electronic scanning systems and human readers.


Include your title

“At the top of your resume, beneath your name and contact information, should be a job title that describes your role or the value you bring,” says executive resume writer Donna Svei.This could either be the job title that you are applying for (e.g., “Real estate CFO”), or it could be a title that shows your level of expertise (e.g., “Fortune 500 Marketing Executive”). This could be a title that shows your level of expertise.This adds a professional shine that is unpretentious.

Write for the future, and not for the past

A resume is not a historical record, but a marketing document.Which aspects of your story to highlight and which to diminish should always be decided by your current career objectives.Put the focus where it belongs.

 Showcase your “wow.”

The authors say, place one “big wow” at the top, either above or below the headline that boldly states who you are (“Award-Winning International Sales Manager” or “Trilingual Digital Marketing Executive”), to make your “wow” pop off the page.Even, when describing your past work, lead with a powerful “wow statement”.”Increased web traffic by 350 percent, for example, and doubled ad revenue over the previous year.” Then give your other duties a quick write-up.Ask yourself the following questions to help hone in on your “wow” element, and then make sure the answers appear in your summary:

  • When did I become the first or the best?
  • In each position, what is the No. 1 thing I accomplished?
  • What of my accomplishments have the numbers that are most impressive?
  • What have I been remembered for publicly? 

Punch up the structure (cautiously).

In order to make it stand out, color, coloring, frames, maps, tables, photos and icons can be useful additions to your resume.Only make sure that your concept follows industry expectations for your business.

Move the most relevant info to the top.

“Even if it’s not your most recent experience, your most important experience should always be at the top, as you will always have several parts that list your experience (such as “Relevant Experience” and “Additional Experience”).While based on your profession and amount of experience, along with appropriate qualifications, software skills and knowledge of multiple languages, your education should also appear near the top of your resume.

Ensure your resume font is clean and consistent.

The style of your resume will say a great deal about your professional attitude (or there lack off).Your resume should subsequently show itself from top to bottom as competent, tidy and easy to read.The body text should not be less than 10 points and the number of headers should be between 14 and 16 points.Use capitalization regularly, boldly and italicize (i.e., all position titles bolded, all dates italicized).keep it simple and use it sparingly, such as a nice blue for headers and contact info. Also make sure your bullet points line up properly and there are no formatting inconsistencies. 

Need More Help

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