The Making Of A Good Resume

When we talk about making a good resume, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is the format.

That is the font of the Name as the header, the body copy, and the styles. Is this important, yes – it is. Since we are on the topic of font, please ensure that you use the same font as the header and in the body copy. It makes your CV look elegant.

Remember it is not you who is going to read it, it is your future boss who is going to read it. It is the boss that you need to inspire and impress.

So yes, the header can be a bold font while the body can be from the same family. As much as possible avoid using underline and multiple font sizes.

Ensure that your Date of Birth, your residence, details of your education, experience, and extra curriculum activities are all detailed out elegantly.

If they look shabby, it is a reflection of your disorganized working style.

Having put forth the format and the style and the flow comes what is it that reflects your character and by which you can score your brownies.

Just as the job description of an intern or of a person who is currently working has details on his job, what can an absolute fresher do to make the CV look rich?

To do that, you need to interact with the outside world while you are in
college, remember that every other person you meet can be a potential customer of your future organization.

Try to understand consumption patterns across any product/service. Casually ask what could be his holiday destination, which toothpaste he uses, what brand of shirt he wears, and so on. Sum it up mentally, hold it there, and also find out why.

Get into an NGO, do it to better your human interaction. Contribute your efforts in your society and work to get things done, this will help you to understand the hierarchy and how to deal with it, to pave your way up the ladder.

Add this activity to your resume, read, and re-read. Bet you will have much more to emphasize about your knowledge and away from the beaten track, and if you are stuck or if you need to make it sharper do call us at TEAM TEKNIK we would be only too happy to see you prosper.